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                  Order buggy kit for children bicycle accessories and children electric car accessories

                  Time:2020-11-25 14:06:50

                  Production toolkit buggies, children bicycle accessories, children's electric car accessories, plastic accessories factory many buggies, recommend you to choose cixi yingjiang bicycle accessories co., LTD., specializing in the production of car basket buggies, foaming, toolbox, buggies plastic toolbox, buggy tires, the chain cover buggies, wheel, buggies buggies the baby carrier such as a set of plastic accessories products.

                  Through our unremitting efforts, it has grown into a model enterprise with more than 20 injection molding machines and more than 10 foaming machines, covering an area of 16 mu, a building area of more than 13,000 square meters, nearly 100 employees, and an annual output value of 20 million yuan.

                  EVA foaming products include foaming wheels, auxiliary wheels and so on. EVA foam tires from 5"-20" and other specifications, with more than 200 styles, a variety of colors, suitable for all kinds of baby strollers, toy cars, children's cars, baby cars, twisting cars, EVA foam wheels not only non-toxic, beautiful light, high elasticity, wear resistance, never need to inflate and other characteristics, and affordable price. Other EVA foaming products are all imported from South Korea, Japan and other raw materials production, non-toxic and tasteless products, adjustable a variety of colors, can be made in various shapes, suitable for children's products, toys, shock absorbent protection products.