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                  Professional production of buggy basket, plastic buggy basket accessories style variety, can be customized!

                  Time:2020-11-25 14:05:21

                  A variety of models of buggy basket, soft, non-toxic raw materials, no harm to the child's body;

                  The specific size and color can be produced according to customer requirements (the corresponding color card number should be provided to avoid color difference);

                  Because of the recent plastic raw materials are very unstable, the price of raw materials according to the market rise floating;

                  The specific price is negotiable, please forgive me!

                  Cixi yingjiang bicycle fittings co., LTD. (cixi city red flame vehicle industry co., LTD.) since its founding in 1985, after wind and rain, after nearly 30 years of development, the development, has now become the same industry have a certain scale professional production of various kinds of plastic parts, EVA foam tyre buggies, plastic car basket, plastic tool box, plastic chain cover, twisting, vehicles, accessories, plastic car buggies buggies basket, plastic toolbox buggies, plastic chain cover buggies, twisting, car, plastic twisting, car for children of baby carrier type plastic accessories production and sales of manufacturers.